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Sweet Smell of Summer! Fish Wrapper

Blues skies, warmer temperatures and sunshine have finally shown! If you are arriving you can feel the heat in a good way. We fished straight through and are currently open Sunday and Monday if just speaking about the next 48hrs. Beyond that check the calendar and let us get you on the books!

P1020143 P1020145


Blues still pop here and there but catches have turned to Spanish for the table! After a day of lull where the fish got jostled we began to see the line up of a few species.

P1020151 P1020159

My younger anglers (yeah…big kids too! lol) have really enjoyed the dolphin show( flipper), the fishing, the sea turtle sightings and the weather! We worked the territory throughout last week as the fish began to migrate. Good numbers hit the dock and within the mix we did see a few more species on the move.

P1020154 P1020155

Occasional (not schooling) fat alberts were fired up! Line peelers! Bonita macks also fed on the same food source giving just a bit more pull. Once in a while on half we may still see a cobia and getting one that is seen, and that eats is a plus!  All Day boats have also seen a few more in other territories.

P1020174 P1020177

Peanut dolphin made a show surprising a few ! Just one or two hits but a nice touch to the catch (and no, do not think on half day they are “schooled.” lol.


this can be many things all weather dependent. Blues, spanish, maybe triggerfishing if not wiped yet, looking for other fare..It all depends! So call us if there is something you are trying to target! Don’t assume!

P1020160 P1020164 P1020172

My All Day nearshore  trip – Jacks on tap this trip with peanut dolphin and fat alberts! If you can get them while it is good it is a great great pull! Eventually the jacks do get bite shy due to the traffic but when they arrive we all want a shot!

P1020169 P1020170


Herding folks for a photo is like herding cats sometimes! You gotta click it and go!  Our fish house packs out 40 boats so it is hop hop hop!

We appreciate various ages and skill levels. You do not have to be a fisherman to enjoy the beauty that is out there! I can’t always make them bite. ..I know shocker! HOWEVER-lets get out there and enjoy it while it is good! You can reach us at

252 423 0039 cell/boat,  252 473 2398 home evenings. If you have something you are trying to catch-speak with us first so you know what time frame or time of year you may need! Thank you to those that keep us untied.

Viv McPherson