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Switch, Switch & the pay off

As we said we have jostled a few trips due to various storms but the pay off came for my folks!


The weatherman did not hit it today but that did not stop us from heading out at first light to put the lines in. Everyone gets by with a little help and the Coast Guard was out early to escort. Limits of blues pulled over the boards kept my crew busy! They earned it. My anglers had been scheduled prior to the first hurricane we had and folks, it has been the roller coaster.


Just a few Spanish in the mix and honestly I don’t expect it at this time of year as everything is moving quickly.


There are still a few alberts around. Some eat and some just on a pop. As we neared mid morning it was evident we had a cold shot dropping in at 16mph. NE. White caps pushed us towards home as we had hit our limit and knew that we had it good.


The forecast is for another cold drop Monday sometime. Hopefully later not early in the day. If you are here this weekend and the seas drop again, lets see if the bite is on! You can call us directly to book as that is the best way at 252 423 0039 cell.

Guys, thank you SO much! We will see you in June!

V McPherson