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After Arthur Back at O.I.

The Hurricane has past, the sun is out, and we are now re-tied at the marina with still more boats following!


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State troopers still had Bonner Bridge closed (takes you to Hatteras)when I came home an hour ago. Please stay tuned to NC DOT website or local radio stations (104. FM & 105.7 FM) if you need to keep current.



I saw a stack of RV’s, dogs, folks, some tents, boat trailers; all waiting and hoping for the opening soon of road and park area. The marina is open, the visitors North of the Bonner Bridge are hitting the beach,



watching the waves (winds came NE today-what a spin) and enjoying the holidays.  Thanks to all that kept us going every day and those still booking into August /September! Everything old is now new again-all crews starting for the hunt!

Viv McPherson