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Tails & Tales

Still with beach Hazard statements on rip currents but at least no wind on top of the swell around the shoals. Really tired of that red triangle weather icon on my phone! Thank you to my crew yesterday as we remain untied and fishing along ( Bill I appreciated your email honest. You guys were kind and I notice ).

I was busy enough that my camera was not clicking so a shout to Sean and his friends for making my trip so easy!


Backside fishing is moving right along as our rigs are still bending with the same bite we have been fortunate enough to be on. Inlet side yesterday saw some small blues and one or two albies on the back of that. Rollers remained the issue coming through the inlet due to the small low passing by. What a Fall!

We have answered all emails and all phone calls and we thank you for that. Logged our first All day trip in May already so time is starting to move like falling leaves.

If you are here and want to go try our cell at. If you want to pencil for 2018 the books are open.

252 423 0039. Cpt. Will McPherson

We would to have you and we can go over the options with the conditions we have!

Thank you and HELLO OCTOBER

Viv McPherson