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Take on Temps- Fish Wrapper 4/8

I know it can be hard to figure it out. You are coming in for vacation and you want to hook it up but when, where, & how can be tricky. Let me catch you up on the hook ups.  Lots of wind has made fishing a challenge! Shift from one direction to another with hardly a lay in between just makes our fingers tap on the washboards. But wind can move water and that is what starts the season.


“I heard on the radio that…”  Always great for general reports! They cover as many areas as possible and give you the list of species being seen and caught. However, if you want a better targeted report to your area,  you need to read it.



Lower regions: (think Shoals Hatteras) water temps between 58F-62F gave start of some blues, puppy drum, occasional big drum. That water needs to stabilize and spread for the consistent turn on in larger areas.

Upper End (think Rodanthe North to O.I.): We went from dogfish, blo toads oceanside to a blow around this week (35 and gusty). Water temps remain in the 50′s so we are thinking that as soon as the good water creeps a bit we can better work on a variety (ie drum, blues, etc). This usually takes time so as the read outs go, we are still on schedule for the traditional bite in a few weeks.


2015- rigged up & hooked up!

You can be reading a report from one district and think that it translates to another so please read and you will be up to date!

“I ice fish so why don’t your fish bite when it is colder?”


Nature. The Nature of the fish comes from their DNA and it tells them when to move, how to survive, when to eat, mate, panic, etc. Fish up North have their own survival skills. Fish in the Atlantic  can move with the temps for survival and everything you see above. The water CAN be TOO hot or TOO cold for any production. We are luring folks, not netting. That is just a difference of techniques to produce.

So for us, it all has to be like the gears of a clock. It has to all move to give a chance of making the trip you want.

If you want to go we are always happy to take you! Even getting out on the water is a great experience. My folks do know however that I push hard to have things at least closer in place to get the rods to bend.

As we see it, we will post it!

thank you to all the emails. All emails have been answered and I did have some bounce back this week so check your email capacity, address, and spam folders.

Viv McPherson