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He fell right out like a wind up toy post fish biting lol.

ok: We have a HARD coldfront coming in late tomorrow. If it blows like they say we will be pushed out of the ocean …again…Ikr? You have to understand that it is better than having the tropical system that just hit Florida plus the one East of Bermuda! So we are on schedule for the morning trip and have been working hard on the bite (think some blues, false albacores-not seeing Spanish)on half and all day still seeing if the jacks have gone.

If fishing is good, weather good and you want to go in the afternoon just give us a shout via cell at 252 423 0039.

I have some pics coming your way end of week. If we are blown inside the catches vary so best to speak with us on that. ┬áDon’t plan on the ocean for the weekend /end of week unless the weatherman blows the forecast.

V McPherson