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Tap…Tap…ok so not SO bad

I will be honest. The last two seasons have been the busiest in the winter we have had in a while. I am no where to be found. Missed card games (believe me I am no danger but fun to watch go down in flames), lunches, and the time my boots get a workout hiking are missing. When my crews board us in the summer and tell me they have zero time and this is their break; I hear you! I am right there with you! Life happens and you better run Forrest!

Boats continue the search on bluefins, shrimpers are still putting some in the freezer (wow, how about it?), and hunters go in and out of the blinds. I would LIKE to complain about the pace but we get to live here. Great restaurants, good seafood (demand local), empty beaches in the winter that lend to a walk with man’s best friend. As much as seasonal businesses are such; we cannot imagine full time somewhere else.


I am working on some things for you all and as we see changes marina side I will post it here. I have friends who have been on hiatus and we are hoping to see you back on the job shortly-indefinitely. You cannot live around the parks and oceans and not see it. Know that we appreciate everything you do.

BOOKINGS: call us at home as the marina is changing hands and calendars there may not be up to date. I am booking here and holding nothing so you can reach us on cell at 252 423 0039. Leave a message plz as telemarketers have been consistent and we want to talk to everyone!

If you are waiting on the next arctic cold front do NOT blame it on Canada. They did not make it (I have a running joke with some clients as they wanted to know why we always call it that as if it were manufactured there). Cheers and here is to a thaw.

Viv McPherson& Cpt Will McPherson Sinbadsportfishing