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Thar…she …BLOWS! 9/19

I have two reports to post so this will be the first of two photo bombs lol. I also have a weather update so READ at the end of the REPORT for that. Ok, I will help you out and put an * so you note it.

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We have  had fantastic conditions overall this summer. It was calm, cool, sunny, and one of the busiest in recent years. Sighs of relief echoed from beach chairs as locals continued on the trek.

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Fall migration has begun with miles of bait along the beaches and species on the move. Families as well as friends all  snuck out of the chaos of their vacation to grab some well earned time on the water.

P1020607 P1020609 P1020611


Spanish have made an appearance, just a few blues, occasional cobia seen or caught (putting in time),and all depended on which day they were biting or which day they were running around like crazy fish. They move miles on a whim and we stay on our toes as we know sooner or later baby it is gone, gone, gone! We always ask how many fish people will use and this is what goes in the box if there is a big bite. We do not waste what has bit and we do release and can all day long-your choice.


My anglers saw a variety on several occasions and one week we had a good late pop up on drum to release just a few. You will see folks that just needed a few, folks that needed a fry back home, and folks who wanted to hold a rod be it feast or famine;we did it all. Fishing, watching the weather, and on the go up to three times a day.

No matter who you are, where you were from; we thank you!

I have another set of photos coming up! Please hang in there-


just ask …good things can come to those who wait! Luck/sorte never hurt also lol. Not many triggers this summer in close.

* (you see it right?) : WEATHER HEADS UP-if you could not fish with us today-September 19th here is what the NOAA is forecasting: Hard NE winds 25-30 starting this weekend (Sept 20th)carrying into next week. This means a loss of where we have fished the last two weeks due to high seas. It means any chartering until the ocean calms down would be done in the sound, on troll for few blues or few macks then bottom fishing for smaller fare with lighter tackle.  It can blow so hard that you may not be able to fish the sound if we get a solid 30. I didnt’ want anyone confused about this. If you want to go best to call us directly. Rain is forecasted for later in the week so all depends on weather and whether the ocean calms sooner rather than later. Things get shook!

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