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The Art of Fishing..and other tails


I remember my day can be someone’s art work, journal, memory,family time, guy time [there is quite a bit of that],  or friend outing.

We are on schedule again tomorrow with another cold front dropping thisweek but truly, I would rather work with that than have a season ofhurricanes! I count us fortunate!

Thanks to all who have consistently kept us untied update: as you can see we did it all, bottom, troll, etc. it all depended on what type of trip you had and how far. Amberjack were on all day. some triggers but that is also better when time isn’t a huge factor . blues, some spanish, shot on sporadic cobia. We are coming off one coldfrontand preparing for the next. If you are here I have tomorrow afternoon open. I would jump before we get tossed around again!

Will McPherson & Viv McPherson
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