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A Native Carolinian, Captain Will is a USCG licensed captain who has fished both offshore and inshore coastwise for decades. Captain Viv is a USCG licensed captain who was born “up North” (N.Y.) and spent her younger years traveling and in school. They began working Sinbad Charter Fishing Crewtogether in 1983 and it wasn’t long before their son Charles followed in their steps. A Carolina family based business they welcomed customers no matter what their age or experience. It wasn’t uncommon to see Father and son working side by side. New opportunities called Charles away from the rods and reels by the time he was 22 but they still make some family fishing trips when able.

“Even after a successful fishing career spanning 40yrs., I still feel the excitement of hearing the engine start up early in the mornings. There is still that pull of anticipation of what we might catch that day as we ease out of the slip. Taking people fishing is as exciting for me today as yesterday. It’s always different. It’s always a bit new.” W. McPherson

Sinbad Crew Charter Fishing“My ‘natural office’ has a limitless horizon. Yes, that is my term, trademark! Lol.  Nature paints that palette every day and she decides what challenges you may face and what shows you get to see! We have fished customers who have lived close and some who called Europe and South America home. Everyone is different by age, experience, nationality-what is not to love? I lived briefly overseas at one time, spoke two languages, and learned how huge and small it all is. I came home and left for the ocean when business was still sealed on a handshake and a word. I didn’t hesitate as my feet left heels for boat shoes. If this is the first half, I can’t wait to see the second half! I know how lucky I am.” V. McPherson

Welcome aboard!

The McPhersons


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