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Throwback Thursday? Not likely!

Quick update for Half Day Trips-we were on it this morning with lots of action, calm seas, and sunshine in the mix. A trickle turned into a run and pass after pass was made to put them on the dock! Always nice when it falls into place as it doesn’t have too! We all know that we have been running around as the wind keeps switching, the water temps jump around, and the territory is searched. P1010021


We are back on schedule again tomorrow with the afternoon still available~ but in the meantime if there is some fish you are interested in fishing for with us, just give us a call and lets see if we can hook it up!  If you don’t want to keep anything we have no problem releasing it all as that is what digital is for. Thanks to all and we will have the full week in pics by end of week! Thanks! Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039 cell,  252 473 2398 home