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Tie a Ribbon & Openings 7/10 info

Last 48hrs or so we have been using all the tackle.  If you think this is like a Science Fiction pic-it kind of is! I have bottom fished backside and ocean, live baited, trolled, ribbonfished-you name it. Every day is literally different right now based upon fish, temps, time frame and customer. Fish move, eat, zip their lips-it is definitely summer!


light tackle Ribbonfish today. I have been off the blues/ macks but today (July 10th) we saw a small school and a bite! Winds switched to East at lunch which should usher in warmer water!

If you are seeking something in particular(all day etc) -call us directly and ask so we can best try to accommodate or customize your trip. I am open Saturday and Sunday if concerned about this weekend. We have many trips for many budgets so for that please call us directly. You do not need six people to go fishing!

NEXT WEEK; Mon-Thur am trips already gone.

Actively booking right now. If  you have a question you can reach us by email, phone. You can book online as well, Just request us for your trip on the marina form. Just got 4 people? We have many trips for many budgets! It is your vacation so just pick when it suits you


V McPherson