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Today: Fins up!

On the backside either cast or troll working around for release rockfish, some trout, and just beautiful conditions! I had a full day today with two crews and had a great time watching the poles work and catching up with our folks.


Ocean: some gulfstream boats tried it. Scattered results.

Nearshore: not seeing the ocean right now personally. All of us on the backside to get a result. Would love the Atlantic to calm down, clear up, and sort itself a bit . It has been a heck of a Fall.

In the mean time we are open tomorrow and if you are interested just give us a call at

252 423 0039 cell and we can hook that up! Coming in later this week-you can do the same! Best to get the info on fishing and what happened where from the source so you know what has been what.

Thank you to all those aboard who kept us busy all day!

V McPherson