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Today~Hooked Up & Booking it for this week 7/6

Some of us showed up to put our nose down and go. After yesterday’s brief coldfront and kick up we were groaning a bit at what might be left post hurricane. So that you know, hurricanes can greatly impact fishing. Sometimes the force of the winds brings fresh water into salt, muddies the nearshore, chills…you name it.

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Today was a gift! No damage, on the bite, calm seas, and with our pre-dated clients we wasted no time! Blues, some Spanish and Popeyes on tap! I have the pics coming but know that at least for today it appears we are straight back to work! Big sigh of relief!

Openings: We are open Tuesday (I have shifted a trip thus opening that day), Thursday pm trip, & possibly Friday-I have two calls on that ( Fri)but will not hold it without deposit. If you are here, we can be reached at our cell number 252 423 0039.  Home every evening at 252 473 2398.

DO NOT get confused on the marina’s “black out” days. ┬áThis only means they will not take a credit card 24hrs. prior to that time slot. WE WILL book you happily on credit card 24hrs in advance period. Try giving us a call! Untied is how we like to remain!

If you are interested in third trip tomorrow- 4-7pm. give us a call as you can only book third trip through the captain. thanks!


Viv McPherson