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Today’s Bite-Sing a Little Blue

First things first! Last forty -eight hours have seen flat seas, sunshine, and chafing to be untied. If you are here reading this and have not hopped on board with good weather don’t worry as we might have a small window before the shift.


Boats saw some taylor bluefish today along the troll as some from the jetties finally swam in form! We are hoping that they continue to school prior to any formation of this week’s system. Our inlet again has shifted so patterns on the work front shift a bit as well. Need a reminder on what a “taylor blue ” is?


We have many trips for many budgets so if you have less than six persons please give us a call at home so we can hook you up!  You do not have to have six people to go! There is a change coming with a system due starting sometime tomorrow. As the weather develops, look for winds to increase with some rain. See the weather channel for their coastal storm prediction this week. Post blow we will let you know when it calms down again. Beyond that give us a shout at home.

Thanks to all who are on the books and calling!

Viv McPherson

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