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Turkey Days & the Reel Call for 2015

It is a teaser on the thumbnail of what is to be posted! Let me catch you up on the latest fishing on this end as well as what was promised prior to Thanksgiving. Winter has set in up North and Down South the waters have cooled, the temperature has dropped, and species have moved.


Oceanside the last wrap up was much as we left it: albacores finally moving down and out.


They are normal fare but with the last blows surely must be pushed and pushed. I was sorry the winds chose this past week to creep up again! We recieved  calls to hit the ocean and I would have been more than happy to do that weather permitting.

Rockfish: Before Thanksgiving there were a few small rock caught between Currituck bridge and the Manns Harbor stomping grounds. Outboard is necessary for the Currituck run as speed is a must! Then, the normal pretty shot and no bites lol. Past 72 hrs just one or two small rockfish at Manns Harbor again. If you are thinking limits -rethink what happened years past. This is the float, cast, hit one or two. If it gets rough again, there might be a few but honestly this would truly be fishing and you could get your feelings hurt. So don’t paint something in your mind then be shocked. That is the skinny -it is fishing for sure!

What is to come: gulfstream will continue on the tuna hook up and nearshore is spread anywhere from here to Elizabeth River. Ocean still saw tiles and some sea bass on all day deep drop. Outside of that its gonna be tails to the wind! Surfcast to your heart’s content!


There are many fishing villages in this world harboring alot of fishermen. You might be surprised how uncomplicated it may be elsewhere. I have things in the works to show you!

For those coming in around Christmas, just give us a call and we will see what is shaking.

Thanks and Welcome to the Beach-chill…literally!

Viv McPherson