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Two week wrapper Part One

We have been fortunate with the clients who fish us as they continue to put themselves on the books for the time slots that best work for them. We can work you on third time slot for close trips if a day you want is stacked and weather good! That is booked only through us from 4-7pm and does not include any amberjack trips.

P1020193 P1020192


Here is part one of two weeks of hooking up. Water temps have been going up and down, clear to sandy, North , South, East, and West. Yep, that is where we have fished it!

P1020190 P1020191 P1020232


We went from Spanish , maybe and albacore to blues to spanish to trigger to …well, you get the picture! Just a little down time we all enjoy here and there!

P1020197 P1020201 P1020204 P1020207


The beaches are filling, my schedule is following this pattern and for many we try to fit in with some fishing and in the vaca as much as nature allows!

P1020206 P1020213


Temperatures oceanside continue to fluctuate and that can change conditions and species every day. Current, wind, all play a part in it.

I have more fotos in the report listed with the same post date as this one. Labeled what else? Part Two! We take anywhere from 2-6 persons on the average and have many trips for many budgets. Give us a call for that please.

Thank you so much to anglers who have returned with new “young adults” and new clients/friends we enjoyed joking with.

Viv McPherson