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Unpacked, Untied, May moves

May moves! April-as much as I like you, go home; you are intoxicated! Colder than some of the March weather we had today I am glad to see 78F , sunny, and hard SW winds. I have unpacked my backpack, put the trail shoes up, put up the plant based bug spray, wiped off the Go Pro, and untied the rigs for fishing. This is the price for the exploring I do. Seven days a week all day is our availability during season. It is up to you when you want to go. We run three slots  a day (  call us for  the 4-7pm as we book that not the marina) and I like to go as that is what we do!


today: Gulfstream boats did go out today (see the marina for their reports as they do not fish where we do). Nearshore boats are now entering the ring fishing in the lower regions (Hatteras way) and beginning in the upper territory (our district) on one or two blues. The more SW the better!

I saw a very familiar family name on the books. Knight. I remember Mike well and know that I have not forgotten you all-I look forward to seeing the remaining family come my way. I also am seeing the bookings both for all day slots, 3/4 trips and half days. Got your cottage then get on the books for the day that best works for you and we will put the gear in and go!

Monday is supposed to be…80F! Awesome-ready ready!

Thanks to all who have emailed and if you are interested, or need the range of pricing for various trips just give us a shout any evening by email or by phone.

Viv McPherson

Sinbadsportfishing 252 423 0039 cell. 252 473 2398 home evenings.