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What was,What is & What comes

The last of my reports before we get the shake up from the Tropical Storm  Hermine that is due here this weekend. Winds of 45mph with gusts to 60mph is what is being written at present. It can always be less.


Hermine should be a hard blow that is supposed to quickly exit if forecasts here are correct. That means rain then sunshine and waves. Prior to the blow, we had a good run on the fish with Spanish making the numbers on the dock as did blues, some alberts, the last bowing over on my spinners for amberjacks on extended trips. Nintey-three years young is never an age limit to be with us! Thank you Jack! See you again next year.

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We always feel fortunate when the weather is good, fish on the run, and boat running the daylight out of the day.

P8260552 P8260550


Whether we have a hard target already scheduled or we are enjoying a run, we have worked with it all.

P8260547 20160826_092049


I always tell folks to call us first prior to booking if there is something they are interested in. That way we will know if it is even an option!

We had a breeze up early this week that only lasted about three days. Enough to shove Gulfstream and Nearshore out of fishing at all initially. You can type the word “frustrated” for good anglers I had to cancel and the crew was right there with them. We were not liking it at all. The larger swell eventually fell out to where we were all able to hit it, catch some, lay it on the buffet and re-tie the storm lines for the 45mph winds that are supposed to come in this weekend. Spanish down on all day with cores and blues, some spanish, flounder (pursuing trout as well inside) on half days depending on where we were fishing and the bite.

20160901_082519 P9010568 P9010565


Surf competitions were well underway at the pier and it gave beach goers an extra show before the rain started today (Friday).

WHAT COMES; we wait. The sooner the storm is out of here the sooner the ocean calms. I caught fish inside and out last go around but have cautioned newer anglers coming in this next week to wait. You cannot answer; “what will it be if…” when you have the shake up and go back to the start. Fish get shoved, shut their lip, pop up in numbers, etc. I can run three trips a day so taking you when the situation gets right is not an issue. Hence, be patient.

I will be with my crews already scheduled as we watch the seas and take it from there. Come on in this weekend, settle in and let us see what the sea has for us! Then we can hit it!

V McPherson