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Watching Florence-The Window, The Release

Going..going…If you were out this morning you hit the window! Fishing nearshore has been very busy with great seas, lots of fins, and a chance to extend your trip to different territories on most days. I have fished the macks, blues, albies, drum, small king. We are seeing folks comparing different fisheries and if there is something you wish to target, speak with us prior to scheduling the actual trip. Be glad to help and discuss.

The Piper is approaching and it may be one of two (the next system is right behind it looking to hit warmer water). FLORENCE is far out to sea but IF YOU ARE VACATIONING HERE FOR THE WEEK PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. This morning online showed two models and we have a long way to go and a possible strengthening to occur. Be responsible.

We have spoken with all who were booked with us for the upcoming week. Thank you to my regulars who know me well enough to know I personally HATE not fishing but nature rules and we are in the midst of that so we yield.

Beyond that enjoy the beach, pool, grill, your pals and be aware of changing ocean conditions. It is still Vacay and you are not in the cubicle or on the job! When we leave town we never care as we are just glad not to be in the daily!

Thank you to all the crews/families/friends who have been with us throughout the year and we still have the rest of September and October, November coming up! This is the wave that needs to pass by!

V McPherson