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Weather the next 48hrs-our update




The service is saying we have a front and a low pressure system due to sit here the next two to three days. If true it should bring some wind and change the face of what we have been doing.

Today: we had a king bite last 24 but it laid down completely by afternoon.

Some were keepers and some were throwbacks. Yes, if they don’t meet the FL they go back- also today spanish and little tunny on half this pm. Some boats did manage to jog and hit a closer dolphin line but with weather coming that could dissolve-just have to wait and see.

All Day Nearshore/Inshore you will see found a dolphin line (pics on oregon inlet site) but that was All Day only and with the weather-what exists now will change.

We will wait to see what the weather brings and if we get relocated from the ocean to the shoals and backside.

If you are trying to figure out the big fish-just ask. This is not the gulfstream-they don’t just hang out in one place as they migrate.  I do target fish but we work personally with our anglers on that prior to booking to make sure we first have the weather and then the fish are in the region. Yep, some times you can just show up and it all is in place but I have had some folks find out our fish migrate as we are the Outerbanks and stick out a bit in the Atlantic. It is still fishing and all boats have seen some slow days here recently on staggered trips.

V McPherson