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Weather Update: Gorgeous now- Fla..on notice

Florida is on notice for a storm system that has blown up today In the tropics. Our own NOAA forecast for Sunday is 4-6ft with no wind meaning a possibility of storm swell off that storm all the way here. Great for surfing but we are not available Sunday and have Friday & Saturday pm slots open. The swell forecasted on Sunday can change and be nothing but for my customers already on the books who  booked with us,  we will watch it and as we fish it-post it!

Fishing today was good with stellar flat calm seas. We also personally had good fishing the last two days on the back side with great anglers so don’t be fooled.

Today; We had a great all day trip and are out the next two days on half day.  You can reach us at 252 423 0039 cell/boat seven days a week.