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“Weather is Whether!” Updated for the last 48!

The last forty eight have seen a shift of wind (SW to NE), a shift of territory, and a shift in species! So that you have the latest, we are on schedule solid again tomorrow-but openings in the pm after that. Call and request us or better yet-call us on the boat at 252 423 0039 cell.


By Sunday we had started in the ocean only to be blown into the sound on troll, then on the bottom. Today, back on the troll  Soundside/shoal no less than 24hrs after that with solid results laid on the dock today! Pics are coming but in the meantime know that we are shifting every time the wind comes from a different direction and that means just be flexible, enjoy what is, and as we catch it we will post more info! If there is a fish you are interested in please call prior to just booking so we can get you on the weather! thanks!

Viv McPherson