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Weather worries? Hmmm-ck it :)

okay, we get it. You see eighty or fifty percent chance and just want the sunshine. No worries then. But know it was flat today all day and we were on a good bite on our all day trip. My crew was ready to go and so were we. Advantage of all day can be having ¬†time to run the distance when the water temps hit the skids. They have along the beaches. We also saw the rain bubble around us and didn’t have a drop until we set out for home.


You have the option of booking us Tuesday,  Friday-Sunday right now. Tuesday I would call tonight. Call us directly at 252 423-0039 cell. Lets find the good water and go. If you are too worried about the weather just hit us up Friday through weekend.

Oregon Inlet calendar showed us available Wed. Morning and that is not true. We just corrected it again. That is why I encourage you to call direct. No lines no waiting folks. Want a 3/4? Call us as the marina does not book that for us. you can have more time out.


Viv McPherson