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Weathered & Warmed!

Sure we saw fog (you could see it on the media I have) but hey, we went, we saw, we put them in the box! Thank you to my crews who showed to go as that was the key.  We all still had some lulls but conditions are making it easier to make the runs. Macks, Jacks, Bass, and a super hungry small hammer who thought what we had was interesting lol. We have pretty weather today so enjoy if you are beachside but we are going oceanside.


OPENINGS: This coming week Thurs & Friday pm slot. You can make that a 3/4 if you like (that is the 22 and 23rd)

Weekend Saturday and Sunday can be custom. Call us for that.

Week of 26th. I am getting calls and holding nothing right now unless there is a deposit.

26th&27th open

28th: pm slot

29th : Am slot

30th:pm slot

if you are attempting a six hour trip or four person only trip ; that must be booked with us personally. I have more reports coming and as soon as I am landslide I will continue to update it all. Today is beautiful-I think that is how June is supposed to go!

V McPherson

252 423 0039 cell  Cpt. Will McPherson