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The Weatherman…”it’s not you…it’s him”

The WEATHERMAN should BE ON MY BOW this morning…or at least have his CAM there so he can see what “10 NE” doesn’t look like! lol The following is for half days reports-All Day trips when weather has been good have been on triggerfish, amberjack etc.


This is two weeks in a row that 10NE turned into a whitecap as we woke and headed out! This is due to lay out by early weekday but for today and tomorrow, this is going to be the scoop !  If you are here know we had a quick bite this am and I won’t have any afternoon fishing report to give yet.  (see pic at end of report as well)

Let’s catch up from the last 7 days- Last weekend we hit the same scenario with just a quick jaunt oceanside leading to a handful on the troll and then on to bottom fishing inside the sound.


Ocean was quick to jump up and all crews switched gear to drift right along! My man here spared no time in hooking one after another by the time the light tackle was in his hand!


As the front passed we went back to easier conditions and a pick up on the trolling action for the family!


Blues and Spanish have been active on the food chain and there is no limit here on the age and determination of my crews!


It’s for everyone! I have alot of folks who have fished me a long time and new anglers are finding their way to our boat for their first trips as well.  We saw very little in the way of rain this past week so don’t let that deter you.


It’s the Outer Banks and most of the time if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes and it will change! The 30% chance you always see is a general forecast!


The whole point is: if you can’t relax here..at the beach, on the boat, with your friends~ well…man it is your chance to razz them! Just ask them! BTW-you would not believe how on top of the game the women are here! I have had many a younger angler jump right in and learn a bit here and there!


I only say “younger” because…well frankly my age is in the mid century mark! Either way it is what you get out of it. Period!


You can strategize all you want but the weatherman can be..WRONG (shocker) and then you adapt, adapt, adapt! We still saw some blues, some Spanish, a few popeye alberts in the mix prior to the wind switch.


We are still seeing Drum (release only at the size we catch oceanside) and occasional cobia on chum or site cast (cobia have already gone thru) Today gave us a quick shot on blues then straight to the bottom as the current picked up for other bottom fish, trout etc!


We are scheduled again tomorrow but have one slot open there as well. I saw the same set up this morning on a bite but have no info for the afternoon as we all tied up after our trips. All that was old is now new again! Weather later this week is due to be warm, sunny, calm, and as we catch it we will post it! Thanks to those fishing us! I saw some have booked right away and for that we thank you! If you have any questions-give us a shout at


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