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The Weathervane


You should have one on the top of the boat the way it has been spinning around the clock here lately! These reports are overdue as we are fishing and catching and working right through most weekends as well! So let us catch up!

P1000905We started out late last week on the verge of another front (there have been alot of those lately) and more crews lined up to get off the beach, get on the boat, and put a rod in their hands!  We do a variety of fishing depending on conditions so this round put us on the back side for the trout, mullet, flounder, and other bottom fare.

P1000906Never let it be said that families don’t have a little bit of that friendly competition! Just as soon as they started hooking it up, it was brother in laws and father in laws “talking” it out !  The ocean was big this trip so backside was the ticket and the calmer waters filled the cooler for dinner  with trout, mullet, spot, etc.


As the NE winds began to die out we waited for the ocean to catch up on calming down.

P1000916Chase , Cole, their dad and Joey were ready to go and it was obvious that Cole and Joey were going to stand side by side for the hook ups and compare who what when and where. I didn’t worry about Chase as she had the corner tied down with bites and frankly, as Cole kept me hopping on “what is that? can we eat it?” I was more than happy to let her enjoy the stern!  I was glad to see the beginnings of the spot run as those usually hit their peak in September .


If you have ever entered a restaurant and seen “Virginia Spot” on the menu you know how white and sweet a meat that is! I don’t think Cole could have gotten any closer to Joey in letting him exam the fish he just caught!



I have always maintained that it is about taking the time to get together, have some fun, and just be a family, a group, or better yet, bring your friends and hang out. We worry about the rest always!  We can never control the weather, control the bite, but we can do our best to try and find the balance in the middle of mother nature and roll on!  As we exited the blow the ocean finally cleared , the roll subsided, and we were able to troll and make the move again on the blues, the Spanish, and casting for any other larger species that may have made its way!


Elizabeth was the first to catch the showing on this end of Nice Spanish (yesterday was good! If you were here and not on board-sorry you were not!) this particular trip (prior to yesterday) and she stayed right on the rods with a little help from her family! Don’t let the stern face fool ya!


I often get folks daydreaming, hanging out, and waiting for the boat to slow and the gear to go in!  And it is always some of the better shots. Why? No photographer is asking you to hold your head “this way” now “look over here” and okay, let us get one with “you doing like this.” My hat is off to those that have done that as I have no patience and yes I know the results are fantastic-I have seen them but just the same my hats off to you!


By the end of this round we were Spanish on deck, blues on deck, ready for the sunshine, ready for the good weather!

By yesterday we were in some Spanish (good numbers), casted on some small cobia (there is no big push here. I also saw one or two small sharks milling around so if you are looking for bigger fare-run offshore until we see any changes here nearshore) and just glad we had pretty weather. The change? New front coming through shortly. Winds are due to breeze up SW then shift to NE. If you are here go now. I still have more reports coming so stay tuned! Thanks to all who have consistently fished us!

Viv McPherson