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The Weekend & Whats in the Wash

NE showed up mid morning which means it is absolutely perfect weather to take in the beaches, grab a bite out, surf cast, boat fish,window shop, and enjoy the end of October! Some of us fishing and some not which is a signal of the approach of Thanksgiving.

Surf: mullet, occasional taylor blue, lots of small speckle trout (no big keeper runs yet. still small but that should change) and scattered puppy drum.

Boats: offshore boats (some ) left this morning so you should be able to check that report on the marina end of day. Nearshore/Inshore right now we are once again backside. Blues still caught from the catwalk and was some smaller fare on the bottom. Fish continue to move in migration  South and it is time.


If you are here and want to fish the backside best to call us directly as we remain blocked through the marina till next week. That gives you direct access so we know if what you are interested in is feasible!

Temps are due to stay in the 70′s at least the next few days with just a chance of rain Monday.

Thank you to those who kept us out of the dock!

V McPherson