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Weekend Woes? You just GOT here lol

I know right? You just got here, you drove into the rain showers, and you were thinking; “Omg…is this my vacation???” You are supposed to see blue skies, breezes, normal summer showers…it is the beach.
There are ALOT worse places to be than hanging out at the cottage, grilling with the family, hitting the sand, bocci , corn hole, fishing…the list is large! I hate to show my age but some of us vacationed here with no TV. no cable, no AC, no phone…and we had a blast. Swim, bonfires prior to the permit system, ghost crabs, fishing, radio on the beach towel..ikr? The kids are screaming ” how did you MAKE it??!!!”

As for us, we are off today and tomorrow!
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I had a chance to catch up with friends at the Secotan market (love sneaking over there when I get blown out-read wind not rain). I grabbed my rain gear and bought just enough to go with the coffee and create some dinner this week before we go back on shift. This is the shake up that we have and all that was old will be NEW again. Inside/Outside it all goes back to square one as we regroup and head out. As we hit it, we will let you know!
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Until then chill, get settled, don’t stress, and you are on vacation so leave the pressure at the foot of the bridge.

Thanks to those aboard as we have made some great friends and look forward to seeing you all again! Photos will be coming up for the trips already sailed.

Viv McPherson