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Weekend Wrapper! Yo hablo…

I wanted to give you all a quick wrap on what has been happening the last forty eight or so!

We have finally had some gorgeous weather accompanied by calm seas and we feel like hey, we have earned a bit of that! Sunshine, folks starting to enjoy the  ocean, and all the while we are untied and out.


We have seen some Spanish  making their way on migration and if you have had a chance to eat some you know that folks tend to look for them! A few popcorn albacore have also been in the mix on the same troll as well as one or two bonita macks.


Don’t tell me the foto ops are not there. The click of the cameras starts early as the sunrise spills onto our work.


I never get tired of the expressions, the crank ins, the jokes, the major naps (believe me, it is comfortable enough to catch up on what work may be stealing from you back home),


and the sight of how people take in their surroundings.  It is always about being somewhere that is not where you are the rest of the year! Believe me, we think about the rest-the bite, the weather-what we have to accept via nature and what you can control.  I had someone say we had “the” job! You know, you are right but we always admire the grass on “yo side of the fence too!” Regardless when it works, it works! We are jumping territory alot due to type of trips (bottom trips to deepwater, troll, sometimes a shot at cobia ( speak with us before you try to book soley on that-more soon!) but overall know on half day we have been on the troll.  I have more reports coming and I am booked solid tomorrow so if you are trying to get the weather and hook it up-give us a call shortly! Thanks so much to all that have fished us and those coming in.


NB** if there is a fish you are very interested in PLEASE call us prior to scheduling a trip to make sure it is in the vicinity or that conditions are in the loop on that. It is still fishing but we like to do as much as we can when possible (yes, when the fish allow)!

Viv McPherson