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The Weekender Bender

Last week we finished up with the Spanish still on the hook, some moon fish, some albacores, some bullet macks, some blues and then some. As many of our folks have seen, we love the weekends as well!

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You are definitely allowed to snooze on our coolers but we do have three bunks inside. Hey, I like to see a dedicated woman who hates to leave the cockpit for fear of missing something. Don’t think you cannot get a good nap! The boat will rock you to sleep and you won’t want to get off!

When the weather is great it is nice to have some time to just slow it a bit, go fishing, and not have the hustle and bustle of the traditional work week. I have had phenom. groups this year. Honestly.

P7170195 P7170213

Sunday was no different and let me give you some insight. They were out for the pull, the day was gorgeous and we shot off the coast a ways to try our luck. Amberjack was up on deck.

P7170197 P7170200

Everyone got the harness this trip on several occasions. No traffic helped a bit as the fish popped up for the hook ups.

P7170198 P7170205 P7170211

We were releasing quite a few (goal was not to keep and also we measure so know if not in the slot-overboard she goes).

P7170214 P7170212

We actually spent alot of time trying to jig as well and the spinners got the work out! We culled four for the table that made the grade and headed for the troll. We had a gaffer throw the hook (and that I pulled from my hand quickly) but the fun came when a shark popped my planer off the wire. You might have well scripted a scene out of JAWS. lol Will whipped the boat around and my angler and I put the rod up, watching the planer skip and whip across the top of the water with the shark’s speed like some barrel attached to a Great White. That blacktip was a nice one and I was told to get my gaff to go get my planer. Being the automatic person I am I did only to think; “hey, so when I get that do I pull him up, tie it to a cleat….wtheck” lol. we got up on it only to watch that shark sound….the planer slowly disappearing below the surface down to the depths (don’t worry, they bite through our mack gear so not long and it is a done deal)…and the “three barrel” jokes began…

I am running every day right now. I have

Saturday or Sunday open all day (you choose). for am/pm, 3/4(book through us please) or all day.

Monday-I have just opened again. If you have four or less call our home. Want something specific? Call us at home to see if it is feasible before you book!

Thank you so much to my crews. You have made my season really easy!

V McPherson