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This Week’s 9/8 updated

The last pangs of summer are trying to exit but we still have plenty of season ahead of us this Fall! Coldfronts now seem to show on schedule and I will take those any day as a wall against future tropical systems.

This week-Here is where we are open or not

Tuesday-third trip (can only be booked by us personally call 252 423 0039) open if fishing is steady

Wed-no openings

Thurs- am slot only

Friday open

Sat-am slot only

Winds laid down and we fished ocean today (9/8) with hopes there are no more major breeze ups through the week. Rain: It can rain in Corolla and not rain in Nags Head (vice versa). That is why we have a cabin, sitting area etc. Only your mate (moi) gets the full brunt of that if that is the case. Yesterday I had ten minutes of rain. Today-none at all.


You can call us directly to book any time. Fishing was solid yesterday and this morning! Crossing fingers and putting lines in!

Thank you to those on the books

We are set to get lines in


252 423 0039 cell almost all day long

252 473 2398 evening home phone