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Welcome to June-calls for Cobia and the bytes till sunrise


I wanted a chance to catch up here! We are coming off yet another NE blow that has left us fishing the shallows and the backside. I have a few reports to post up but before I post those lets catch up this past 24hr period. My phone calls have  been about the All Day Reports. Here is the best version until the sun comes up tomorrow and gives us the latest!


Cobia-(foto is a released fish no where near the last few days!)before the blow boats were making a huge run South and then some to even hit the warmer water. The slot that had been off of Avon slipped and as of the last 48 hours the seas kicked up to a point where those trips also went by the wayside. You would hope for good conditions and warm water to even up your odds on seeing the fish so know alot more goes into it than just hopping out there and hoping! So all that was old is now new again, means the search starts again, and we all know fish move so as we see, catch, or release it (yep, they can be small enough you do have to let them go!) we will surely post it.

Weatherman missed it by late Saturday and even my crews with me my last two trips could compare what they heard and what they saw in terms of wind.

Presently, the winds are due to come back into the SW, then loll around, then run the flagpole again. We are out tomorrow as well as the following day but still have a few openings this week. For specific fish best you call us personally here at home. That way we can try to zero in on when, where, what! For those who have been with us; reports coming! Promise!

thank you!

Viv McPherson