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Welcome to June-Sound to Sea

Lots of fotos so let us get to it! Nearshore we had the wind run the compass and then some.

P1020106 P1020107 P1020108

Summer temps ushered in the beginning of the week and later in week we saw the NE winds breeze up, bump up, and put us in several districts both troll and light tackle .

P1020113 P1020114 P1020121

I have many different anglers and I was more than happy to accommodate with every piece of tackle I rigged. Troll put us with families, honeymooners (Congrats you two! Any man that would stand and fish in the rain with his new wife because he knows how much she loves it…”adoro”), friends, and future fishermen! The blues scattered on a temp blow out which ran the coast. Spanish were still making a bite as you worked the territory with Bonita Macks occasionally doubling the rods.

P1020134 P1020140 P1020138 P1020133

As we hit the backside we also began the bottom drift for the aquarium that exists there when it is good! I had first timers, back siders, deep sea fishermen reintroducing it all to the next generation to come. THAT is what we do.

P1020129 P1020127 P1020125 P1020124

Fish can cooperate or not but we untie with our head in our work. Trout, sea mullet, spot, occasional blue, occasional flounder-saw Atlantic gar that were as long as my arm and nailed one of my guys (he had a Jim Kirk moment as he shook his fist at it…it ate it all and busted off) didn’t matter…Max was on it and I just stood next to him as that is where I was picking off some fish! He did catch some nearshore bling (oyster rock…)


and even in the morning I had the pleasure of watching one of my crew catch my first ever conch…whelk actually…that will reside in her garden lol.

P1020090 P1020141

I had one quick shot on the drum prior to the breeze up. Good to know to have had that as the coldfront is due again Sunday. Ugh…after that it comes right back around how we like it-ready! I had a terrific group from Colorado that got fogged out on their slot and for that I was truly sorry I missed that! Wonderful folks who had heard about us so I want that all to work. Sometimes you have to just go with the flow and it all falls into place. ¬†As we get back out there we will post it. I have some on the books this coming week and some openings so for that , hey, call us personally and remember: If there is a particular fish you are interested in-ask before you book to make sure we at least have conditions to see them!

Thanks to those booking, those I have seen for years, those who have come aboard. It is truly appreciated.

Viv McPherson