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Where in the world to begin? Normally, we have two nice weeks in February to see the 70′s, enjoy some Vitamin D, and remember Spring is close. Snow, ice, snow, ice, mini hurricane like systems,and yet another area of pressure on the way that is forecast to howl again!


Today; last reports were nice drum (thing big ones) running around Hatteras point prior to the gale. Ocean overwash from Hatteras to the upper beaches made its presence known last three days. You can google the blogs online. A Shanghai (I believe) cargo ship also “dropped” 70 metal cargo containers 17mi East of here so know that the Coast Guard put up that advisory yesterday.

IMG_3213 20180304_155246

Ocean waves were around 22ft. here close. Hey, we have seen pineapples, Doritos, and shy of the obvious danger, could be “Christmas” again on the beach!

I have a Spring shot of information coming up and for those booking with us personally, we are looking forward to seeing you!

Thanks folks and as we come out of this slumber, shake off the cold, we will be fishing it!

V McPherson

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We have some small changes coming up here.