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What’s Old is…New Managers Dockside

We have been on a bit of a hiatus of late from posting which is never ever productive. I wanted to wait until I had some clear information and put it on the deck for our customers to see.

New Management has taken the reigns of the marina currently known as Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. We look forward to working with those coming in and are excited to see what may be down the pike! Fishing is not static in nature and what better way to reflect that then with a swish of this aspect.

My customers know we will continue to execute the level of service we are personally known for as the approaching summer looms. You know us, you know our boat and gear, and we look forward to it! You can still book directly with us for the 2019 season.

As things progress, I will keep you posted but for now let us get ready for the nog, light the candles, and enjoy the weathervane switch. If you are in the snow and not boarding, skiing, or sledding then think of the balmy breezes to come. Remember the boats, take a walk on the sandy side, and let the thoughts warm you up!


Tight lines ! More to come!
Cpt Viv McPherson
Cpt Will McPherson Sinbadsportfishing cell 252 423 0039