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What’s in the Wind & What comes

Whew! Great folks only kept us on track and made our week even easier. The forecasters changed the model and wind speeds halfway through the workweek so we have been shifting and on our toes trying to “beat the estimates of the street.” lol


New customers and customers who have clocked more than 10yrs (I love seeing you all every year. Thank you. The kids are grown and we are still all fishing along as families lol. How great is that?)keep us rolling.

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I fished until the last hour yesterday so let me catch you up on the what was and what approaches. We had less than 24hrs of calmer seas and no current earlier in the week which sent us oceanside along the coast and sandbars for the bite. Birds, bait, dolphin, one or two sea turtles gave us a show (let me tell ya bout two seals lol).

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Catches saw two batches and two sizes of fish but when you were in it, it was double headers, four poles on, and anglers scrambling in the pit. Good catches of blues, one or two spanish, and an albacore were the fare. If you have never been it is very easy to get lulled when they bite as it can be like a good dessert; you just want one more! Our box can house quite a bit and many times anglers are not as aware of what hits the docks until we are there! We were out all day yesterday and still working the territory with the solid limit on the dock. The seas were up late yesterday and today (we have a Low Pressure system moving in today) so rain all day and wind puts us tied.

COMING UP: 80′s!!!! ¬†Yes. It warms us up as temps in the ocean got cold.That is the forecast for mid to late week and we want to be out there fishing! I have some openings so if there is something in particular you are interested in, call us and we can work with you. It is your vacation so your time either way. If there is a day that is the only one that works for you, we fish it and work with the conditions we have, no worries. I am just trying to get us in the best conditions possible.

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Only have 4 people or less? Call , and we can give you that pricing and those details. If fishing stays on track that 4-7pm will be open when we are booked already for the am and pm trips. Custom trips such as 3/4, third trip option, charter for 4 persons can only be booked through Will or myself! Call 252 423 0039 cell, for that.

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Young and sage, first time, every time we see it all. Congratulations on those just beginning to make a life together as well!

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I want to thank everyone who kept us untied. If you already know you are coming in, just schedule now as prime spots tend to go once the sun comes out and we want to work, catch, and have a great time! If we are full through the marina just call us personally for that third trip option. We also run a call list for species. fyi.


Remember; if you are scheduled with someone else please call them as we are only speaking for customers we are working with past and future.

Viv McPherson