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Wicked Wash

“Currituck Light and out thirty nautical miles; Gale force winds expected with freezing spray. ” If the ocean could have spoken , it would have said; “batten it down!”


THAT was what hit here the last twenty-four hours! It didn’t matter whether your cottage was in the woods or on the banks, it was a howler.  So what happened in “olden days” when the wooden boats did not have NOAA weather and survived as the albatross flew?wreck Laura A Barnes 1921

The Laura Barnes. This picture is ancient but you can still see some remains at Coquina Beach. We have no idea how weather info keeps us going. Make no mistake however, local knowledge trumps electronic when there is a switch, a sundog, a cool breeze in the midst of a heat wave.  Now down to business-where are the fish/bite/boats?

Wicked. If you are on the tuna trail then know the weather is not giving O.I. boats or Hatteras much of a break. One front after another freight training in has kept even film crews working on a show banging their heads on the table. I am sure a bit frustrated.

We had a local captain take a look at the passage last pretty day inside O.I. bridge  to the ocean.  He could not see a way through the bridge that had water. That was the last I heard-and this was not a large boat.  I can give no advice to any other mariner period other than what we personally do. You know the Nearshore guys know every trench West and bridge wise and we fish it all. We fish every inch of that bridge and shoal area every year. When we see this Spring personally, I will post it.  This is year 31 (me) and 50(Will started in his teens)for us so there is no sugar coating. Our job is to catch fish, show you a great time, and roll!


(Praia do  Bonete Brasil-2014. Fisherman’s best friend )

I heard the salt hiss today as the sound hit the rocks on the causeway. Ice forming caps on every stone made me think we were father north than our maps say. Temps for surfers was 40F before the storm. Lord, my fish are going to be waiting on the warmth. Still thinking of where it was warmer and the fish were jumping!

photo 2

(supplies via fiberglass boat for home repair-Bonete)

My customers know my affection for Brasil as I spent a few years there when younger. I still try to speak with fishermen there. I think it is great to compare notes, see how their village can differ from my technological day to day. My boat shoes remain on the Banks-in hurricane territory-with my third generation of anglers. To my regulars; thank you again for already calling/emailing this year! I am more than ready to put the hat on, cover up, grab my Costas-and go! Cannot come quick enough! To those signing up for their first visit-Welcome to 2015-please tell old man winter we want to break up (as a 7 year old told me) “cuz summer is hotter!” (I know, I can’t get rid of it mentally)

Email whatever questions you may have as I will answer them to the best of my ability! Let us count down-get out of the snow-and go!


Viv McPherson