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The Wind, the Bite, & the Rabbit

Whatever season you may be observing we wish you well! We have had stellar weather, a breeze up, a chill, a laydown, and a resurfacing of tails.

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Our season has started off right with all the SW wind of late. On our end we saw many anglers wanting to go early in March and I put them off as long as possible to get a shot on good water temps.

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Black bass and some small shark were on tap earlier as we made our way to the bottom. Shoal side still saw a few cape shark (as the chefs call them) when the breakers didn’t want to break your boat! One or two small blues have shown on the bottom as well (nothing on numbers yet so wait).

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A few big blues have been seen on the shoals with their tails out and yesterday( not biting well) the first was landed on Avon pier. Is it a run? It is not until the numbers are seen and with another coldfront (Today Sunday is great come early week it is going to breeze up again. It is still Spring guys lol) on the way, you better hurry up as their nose will go to the wind. Ocracoke had a few big blues as well and the first of the cobia along the beach. Manns Harbor also saw small rock in the last few days although I personally have not been that way.

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I have folks actively booking into November and I have answered as many emails as I could in detailed fashion. Folks can target what they hope for be it with us or someone else. We catch a variety of fish during the season so the website shows you it all if you care to scroll through the dates on our Fishn Reports.



I want to thank my new folks who just hopped aboard, my regulars who were on break who I plan on seeing again in July (bring your fillet knife-game on), and to those I could not get out in time due to wind-we remain dog friendly with prior approval-wish I could have had you all.



Thank you to those ready to go-we always do our best! If you are here now, want to go you can call us directly (which I encourage as we take cc as well and it keeps a direct line with the crew) at

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