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The Window & George Clooney

We were extremely happy to finish up prior to hauling out with some great crews! We fished it all and be you from Nebraska or Carolina; the last two days before the winds blew gave us the bite. Fish sense barometric pressure and they feed quickly before hitting the bottom.

IMG_1790 IMG_1791


Nice Spanish and blues were under the birds, on the shoals, and around the inlet itself .


Tuesday you could have hung all day and had good catches both trips and never crossed the bar.


The hilarious part was my last crew who took such joy in hitting the bottom that my face hurt from laughing. How easy did both my groups make it? Incredibly easy! Blues, spanish (nice ones), then on the bottom because we were still looking for trout and flounder.



The smaller fare is all new if you have not fished the Atlantic before.



So worth while (I have no idea who cousin Ben is but I sent a list home of what they caught. consider the gauntlet thrown)!


We have a coldfront (more even though it is currently blowing 20mph+) arriving, Hurricane Matthew approaching from the South and Tropical Storm Nicole (with a mid level eye) South East of that moving North Northwest. Is George Clooney going to be in this film? Anyone???


Current 5pm forecasts have tentatively moved Matthew farther off our coast BUT pay attention-hit the media as you are responsible for you. If there is an evacuation heed it. If you are flying out of Norfolk, watch the airlines prior. We have fingers crossed that it pushes off with the approaching coldfront and is 100 miles off.

Thank you so much for fishing with us. Be safe! We are off until this passes and yes; if the seas calm, looks good, we will be right back to work. I left them snapping and hope they will be wanting a buffet!

V  McPherson