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The Window is open

The window is now if you are keen on being in that ocean and taking a jaunt. Today was limits of small blues and just a few albacore . Temps have drastically dropped so not much longer and we may get our feelings hurt. You could fish the bottom, fish the wreck, all depended on where you wanted to take your chances. Bottom fare was still a target on inshore this afternoon.

If you are here and want to go we are open tomorrow and Friday. Friday pm is the next coldfront so I would go while the ocean is flat! This aids you greatly in territory. If there is something you are trying to target please call before booking.

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Do not get the small blackfin tunas the Gulfstream fleet is throwing up confused with false albacore. They have black backs/silver bellies and can caught only on all day Gulfstream trips which of course we do not do. False Albacores have a green back, small black tiger pattern with silver belly.

you can reach us right through our home and cell at 252 423 0039, 252 473 2398 home phone

V McPherson