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The Window & Tropical Storm Jaoquin 9/29

This is the window. Yesterday, today , and tomorrow before the next weather slowly (omg…slowly) moves towards us. Let me catch you up on the last 48.

P1020648 We are back at it and so far there has been just a  few blues on troll and boats were drifting today again on light tackle. My guys here (I have pics coming for you boys promise) made short work of it standing under the sun, under the sprinkle, then under the sunshine again (literally). Small bottom fare with occasional flounder (no keepers today) mullet etc.

THE WEATHER UPDATE: This NE is on its way out-TS Jaoquin is on its way up the coast soooooo slowly that it is going to be a while before we even know how close it will get. We are going to take it day by day because we all know that this NE will shear that storm to some extent. As we know it we will post it. If you are here now, want to go we would be glad to have you.

OPENINGS: If you think you are going to be trapped in that cottage of yours-We are open tomorrow morning  and no rain really forecasted till later in the pm. Groups of one to four persons also very welcome.  For those booked into the weekend right now, we are watching. For those seeking the gulfstream-we should know tomorrow.

Thanks to all who have kept us untied and continue on the books!

Boys-so glad you came! What an easy trip for us today!

V McPherson