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Windy Welcome

You have to have it if things are going to migrate as they should! Hard to believe but many boaters just hit the beach with their families until yesterday due to sunshine, lack of wind, and temps that rivaled parts of Florida.



Today saw the start of a front which cooled us down and put us on track again. Few boats out yesterday along the bridge span and searching the sound . That report goes from great to “hey, where?” Ocean on this end I have no report-check the by lines for small boaters.

20151210_161730 20151210_161355


You could have flipped a penny and saw a ripple lol. We are now open and fishing is fishing as we always say. Wind keeps you in the backside district when it is strong. This week has rain in the forecast solid Thursday . Beyond that hit and miss and New Years Day is forecasted sunny and cool! Thank you to those aboard-have a safe holiday season -see you on the rip!

V McPherson