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No Words Necessary

Sometimes no words are necessary. A photo, phrase, or embrace can fill the day with that blink; no words needed. If I leave you with anything it should be as few words as possible and perhaps just the gist of the days.


We are winding down for the visitor season, fishing, ocean, sound,catching, dodging , and preparing for the things we must do that have been left undone by the summer’s schedule. Wherever you are this week, whatever you may or may not celebrate, we hope that you take a breath and slow your pace. None of us are Atlas.

I have reports to come and pics to follow!

**I have no fishing slots left  this week into weekend! We have family & friends in which means we are both tied and untied! Thanks to those aboard!

Gracias, Obrigada, Thank You, Grazie, Danke je, Merci, to all

V. McPherson

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