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The Wrapper & Bytes

We just got in so let me catch you up on what has been caught in a few venues these past few days.



The bad news; stiff coldfront tomorrow( high of 59F?!!) means this all goes back to square one and we are getting the feeling the water temps will continue to drop.

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That means fish are running to keep warm and I am not sure where we will be once this next front pushes through.  Nearshore this past week saw flat seas to breeze up to lay down to breeze up!

P1020690 P1020691


Along the coast we saw just a few albacore, taylor bluefish runs, and release black bass on the wrecks (not big enough). I have had great folks who have been here enjoying the beaches, piers, restaurants, and Fall weather.



That is what it is about this time of year. Piers saw some drum action last 48hrs (Jeanettes)(puppy) with occasional larger sow fish (50 inch) being seen (release only guys-outta the slot). Also just a few release speckle trout.


Backside had seen some release rockfish the last two weeks. There have been some fish kept 18 inch and above and we know that some times you go there and get to keep a few, some times not. This will be the first winter in a while we have had a sign so lets see what plays out there. DON’T ….spaz….it started like this last year then the best of it was way up the sound past middleground out of half day range.


I have been having conversations on bigger fish this Fall. If you are shooting for 25lbs or better, hit the surf for drum. With the Next NE winds that should give you the conditions for that post blow! Weather is Whether this time of year so you need to call us and let us work together on getting you on target.

We will evaluate after the next few days on what may be around. We will have to watch the water temps as they continue to drop. Everything old will be new again. Thank you to those who have been aboard-be it first time and those in contact with us! Always appreciated. If there is something you are trying to target, remember to call prior to booking to make sure that species is even here.

Viv McPherson