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The Wrapper-Part Two!

Edit, load, post, email, call, fish, clean, phone…The age of social media keeps us all on the run. I would hide on an island somewhere but let us face facts; that is where I already am. As promised, here is the latest as we fished it. The pictures speak for us so if you hear different,  we would be glad to discuss it. Remember the marina report covers every type of trip and boat. They are the marina after all.

P1020249 P1020230 P1020227 P1020228


Last few days saw some interesting weather! We saw some rain move through (which we have not had) in mini clouds only to give way to sunshine. Both times my crews were on the fish , ok difficult if you came from Ohio, Texas…seems you have our rain! Sorry! Plant feet in sand, listen to waves…feel better!

P1020226 P1020233 P1020234 P1020235

Brothers, sons, cousins, friends, neighbors;what was not to love?! Shrimp moved out, the blues and some spanish moved in and my crews had me jumping!

P1020221 P1020220 P1020237 P1020239 P1020243 P1020244


SW winds prevailed and moved the temps back and forth if you were trying to swim along the beach but we worked hard to keep on top of it all.

P1020246 P1020245 P1020251 P1020256 P1020258


Some shots along the wrecks when current was nice and back along the beaches to still occasionally get a cast in here and there! If you are here plant your feet for the breeze to come! We are NOT available tomorrow (Sunday) as we forsee a rest to regroup from this past run of trips. We will be back on schedule promptly after that. My last group was mainly a release group (thank you for dinner tho) and we can let it all go if you wish as digital captures what you need! We are booking at the same time as the marina so as we return your call know we are doing our best to get right back to you and try to meet the species you may have an interest in. thank you to those who fished us!


-We have many trips for many budgets. You may have as little as 2 persons or a maximum of 6. If we are stacked, weather is good, and the am/pm slot is already booked, we  run a 3rd trip from 4-7pm. That must be booked through us only and this would not include any amberjack fishing. Thanks!

V McPherson

**again, for those who missed this season’s post : tilefish has gone by the wayside. You are allowed one per boat which makes fishing for that fish mute at this juncture. Best to wait until it reopens in the future. See Marine Fisheries for the Bulletin.