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Y Knot? Weekends Rock

Love weekend trips. Traffic going out means we are sad those folks leave. Flip side are the great folks who get up, even if it is delayed departure (think eight am on a Sunday ) for half day or even 3/4 trip!


My crew today sought us out (thanks guys! Loved the camping story LOLO) and it was a beautiful day with fish on tap! Spanish macks in the box with one or two cobias seen on half and all days looking for Kings post Spanish capture.   If you want to hook it up we have half days, all days, 3/4 trips , and Monday I have third trip slot open If we are talking just next forty -eight  hrs.

Open Sunday tomorrow so lets go! Beyond that- especially if looking for all day or 3/4 slot best to get on schedule


Will& Viv McPherson 252 423-0039. Cell