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Yo Hablo-Windward

No denying the breeze up we have today and be advised Gale winds are due tomorrow. Unreal for this time of year!



Good news is that there has been good fishing! We were on it again today with birds, the blues, and the first of the Spanish in the box. Four poles bending and everyone on deck. There were throwbacks on the macks to be sure but some made their way to Ceviche ! Take only what you need (or release it all and take the photos) and we are all good. Do they always bite? Uh…nope. Right now I have my head down and am on task if possible.


First of the cobia have been landed from the SURF! Avon was the place and there was a boat with an all day trip for that fish so we will wait to see and hope that all of the fish keep on moving!


My crew was hilarious and I was appreciative that we could show them some great load ups as well as a wayward ray. They came from West and East coast as well as Cubby land and catching the sunrise this morning was a bonus. Tomorrow they can sleep in a bit , have some coffee, and watch the surf. Boys and girls you will be watching if forecasts for 40 come true. I checked my wind app and it was…maroon….maroon is bad…hey green, wonderful, yellow…not great…red to maroon….usually tied up and home lol.

As soon as we can get calm seas and are able to get back out , we are ready. This will be a shake up, a wind switch twice, and then lay down. Best to call us personally if you are interested in going this week into weekend .

You can reach us at 252 423 0039 Sinbadsportfishing

For those coming in next week wanting to fish just give us ring. Emails are great also-phone is for booking! FYI-if you are mass mailing or calling you just keep on asking who you are talking to and buddy, fine by me-I will tell ya! Lol. Just bookmark us, catch us on facebook or Instagram.

V McPherson & Cpt. Will