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Youth, Yanks, & Last Week’s Wrapper!

We survived it…Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”  Only 360+ days till we meet again. The stats, the “how many sharks have you caught, how big?” Let us get rolling here.


First: You cannot touch my younger anglers. The weatherman said one shower then sunny and that turned into solid line after line that morning until I looked at my people and was just as frustrated taking my rain gear on and off. So, we caught em’ despite it all!



I heard not ONE complaint and truth be told, the nasty weather gave a quicker bite than when the weather cleared later on. I know, the sacrifice some times but literally I am sure the sun cam out all the way home. Soon to follow was back to the bottom searching the currents for flounder, spot, croaker, trout,mullet.

P1010302 P1010300 P1010306

The beauty of that is the aquarium tour! The variety provided is like a touch tank some days.  And yeah, you can take your sunblock Camo and take a snooze…I didn’t re-cushion for nothing this year!


Going into work week we had a lay down, back on the troll and the look around. Current edges gave us areas of interest and holding our breath on the breeze up has been a norm this year (until this week 8/19). We were up for it all.

P1010315 P1010323


Casting, trolling, live bait-it all depended on what was running and where you were going (and how long you had to fish)!

P1010312 P1010321 P1010325


We finally saw some Spanish in the mix and most were very nice size. A true signal Fall is arriving.

P1010330 P1010331 P1010332

And what comes as we approach September? Normally, blues, some Spanish and maybe an Albacore. Things are turning quickly! This week we got calm, we have had a big push the last 48 hours on fish, and I am thinking we are maybe 2.3 weeks ahead on a run. Am I sure? Nope, it is fishing and maybe this is one of more than one push but I have seen alot this last 48 and no doubt this started Sunday on the troll.



[ Welcome to our foto teaser for next week's wrapper! ]


Fall is Falling early.  If this remains true September will be interesting!

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